3 sustainability programs for strata that can help you live greener

Embracing these sustainability programs for strata will also save your strata community money in the long run

It’s no surprise that the boom in high-rise living has resulted in significant pressure on water, electricity and gas consumption, as well as waste and emissions output.

As we enter an age where the planet’s longevity depends on our actions today, there is a growing need for strata communities to reduce our emissions and increase environmental sustainability.

The City of Sydney Council, one of Australia’s most active local councils in assisting apartments and office buildings to think green, has shown there is plenty of opportunity to increase a building’s efficiency. Thankfully, there are now several sustainability programs for strata communities that can help with this task. As an added bonus, many of these sustainability initiatives will help your strata community save money in the long run!There are three sustainability programs for strata communities that will help you live greener while saving money too:

  1. Smart Green Apartments
  3. WaterFix

WaterFix, can make it quite easy for your strata community to live more sustainably while saving money in the long run too.

Supporting sustainability, increasing building value, and opening doors to potential savings… that’s our passion when it comes to enhancing community living. Ask about our CommunityUtilities energy savings program or explore our various green initiatives through CommunityGreen and other related services. If you would like to learn more about improving sustainability in strata settings, you can browse our article library here.