5 roles a good strata manager will take on to help strata property owners

A good strata manager will absorb these important responsibilities to help enhance community living

Because most of the work strata managers complete happens behind the scenes, many people don’t realise the depth of their role and how many owners corporation responsibilities they absorb. In this article, we bring to light many of the roles a good strata manager will take on to help strata property owners.A strata manager’s day-to-day work can be highly multi-faceted. Here are some of the roles a good strata manager will take on to enhance community living for strata property owners and residents:

    1. Advisor
    2. Mediator
    3. Secretary
    4. Coordinator
    5. Chairperson


Legislation, fire safety, work health and safety … you might not even know the extent of what you need to know! That’s where a good strata manager can come to your rescue.

When you need to be aware of the laws of the land, they’ll advise you on your legal obligations so you’re protected from risks. At other times, you might just need someone to offer professional advice on how to resolve an issue with a neighbour or what a by-law or building rule may really mean. In such cases, your strata manager is your primary go-to contact for advice.


Every owners corporation consists of various people and opinions, so it pays to have a neutral and unbiased arbitrator who can communicate effectively and settle disagreements. When a meeting veers towards a dispute, a good strata manager can pull in the reins. When owners are in disagreement over a dispute, a good strata manager can help find a resolution. If someone has breached a by-law or rule, they can also assist with a response or solution.


A good strata manager will take on some of the committee secretary’s responsibilities. They may be able to take the hassle out of record keeping and administer all incoming and outgoing correspondence and documentation. From preparing and distributing meeting agendas and minutes, to maintaining the common seal and owners roll, a strata manager will ensure everything is recorded and filed away safely for ready reference in the future.


Every property requires routine maintenance to preserve its value and prevent potential hazards, but coordinating these tasks with service providers is no small feat. When things go wrong, a good strata manager will issue a work order on the owner corporations’ behalf and arrange to have a trusted tradie to visit the building, so you can rest assured the job will get done.


A good strata manager can provide support and leadership at meetings, where all matters and issues can arise. They’ll make sure the agenda is set and issued beforehand, lead the meeting, maintain order, and ensure that matters are dealt with accordingly.


Having set up the very first strata scheme in Australia back in 1948, we’ve come a long way in our knowledge and experience across a variety of property types. Whether you are new to strata management or an active committee member, we have developed an extensive library of resources to assist you. Click here to download our FREE Community Living guide on committee management. For a consultation to review your current by-laws with the Kemp Peterson team, click here. To find out more about the services we offer, click here for a free strata assessment.