Dont be a victim of mailbox theft

Don’t be a victim of mailbox theft in your strata property

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If you have mailbox theft concerns, speak to your building manager or other residents who may have addressed similar security problems at another property and suggest ideas to enhance your mailbox security.


ade your mailbox or lock

All apartment buildings should have mailboxes with sturdy locks. Flimsy locks can be pried open by screwdrivers and other tools.

If the committee wants to improve mailbox security, there are locks that are more difficult to pick. Some mailbox and lock experts also recommend locks that aren’t operated by a master key.


st in a security camera

Security cameras have proven to be a good tool in common property areas where mailboxes are located. Not only can it deter thieves, but CCTV can help police identify offenders.

Tip: If the owners corporation approves the installation of cameras, they should be aware of the New South Wales Surveillance Devices Act or any other legislation that could complicate the process.


ider going paperless

Fraudsters can get personal information like your full name, date of birth, bank details, drivers license and more from stealing mail.

To avoid this problem, you could consider going paperless. Many banks and other institutions offer this option. When going paperless is not an option and you need important products like bank cards mailed, consider leasing a post office box.


ect your mail daily

If you rarely collect your mail and let it pile up, you won’t realise your mail has been stolen until a huge chunk of it is gone. Checking mail daily will mean there is less opportunity for thieves to steal.


Know your neighbours

A reason why fraudsters are targeting apartment buildings is that when there are multiple residents, they are less likely to know each other. If you know your neighbours, you can alert them to suspicious activity and vice versa.