How to increase a strata property’s sustainability

By improving your strata property’s sustainability, you can save money while also saving the environment

There’s a reason why Australians are embracing sustainability programs and people are choosing greener living options. While switching to a more sustainable lifestyle may seem like a difficult task at first, the reality is that there are small steps you can take that will make a big impact on your environmental footprint. This is particularly true when it comes to improving your strata property’s sustainability.

We recommend starting with a chat to your strata managers. As they will be familiar with your property and its nuances, they may be able to come up with a personalised plan for sustainability improvements while keeping budgets top of mind.Here are the five areas you should focus on if you would like to improve your strata property’s sustainability while saving money too:

  1. Sustainable lighting options
  2. Renewable energy sources
  3. Water usage
  4. Communal gardening initiatives
  5. Recycling

Sustainable lighting options

In Australia, lighting contributes up 10 per cent of the average household’s electricity usage. You and your owners corporation may benefit from switching to LEDs (light-emitting diodes) or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), especially in frequently-used common areas.

Need a little convincing? Research has shown that LED lighting may use 80 per cent less energy than regular lighting while also reducing the cost of power bills! This may be an easy way to improve your strata property’s sustainability while making your strata levies go further.

Renewable energy sources

More and more Australians are now installing photovoltaic solar panels, which use sunlight as a source of energy. If solar power isn’t right for your strata property, you may also consider options such as wind-powered energy production, solar hot water and heat pumps for improved sustainability.

You will likely need to work with your owners corporation and local council and meet legal requirements before investing in renewable energy sources.

Water usage

Many regions in Australia still experience drought, and most urban areas across the country are no strangers to water restrictions. Knowing this, it’s great to look into how to reduce water usage.

Setting up a rainwater tank is an effective way to feed gardens, toilets and laundries in your strata property while reducing valuable water collected from our reservoirs. Rainwater tanks can also reduce water bills, and they may make you eligible for incentives like local council rebates.

Individual lot owners could also investigate water-saving showerheads and water pressure-limiting devices to help improve an overall strata property’s sustainability.

Communal gardening initiatives

Communal gardens can connect people to nature and build community ties, but it’s important to consider what type of greenery is planted if your focus is improving your strata property’s sustainability. Opting for native plants is wise, as they require less water for maintenance.

That being said, veggie gardens can reduce pollution, and most trees may create natural shade and reduce the need for indoor cooling systems.

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to improve your strata property’s sustainability, as it can reduce energy usage and reduce your strata property’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions too.

By making improvements to your building’s lighting, energy sources, water usage, gardening initiatives and recycling, you can very easily take your strata property’s sustainability to the next level.

Before you begin, however, remember that any plans and ideas for common areas of your strata property should be presented to the owners corporation and approved before any changes are made. In some instances, you may need to lodge requests to your local council.