How a strata committee can help your property

Your property is like any other multi-dimensional organisation that needs time, attention, dedication and expertise when it comes to management.

As numerous property owners make up the owners corporation or body corporate and there are multiple legislated responsibilities to manage, it’s generally not practical to have all owners participate in all the decision-making processes. An elected strata committee can help your property to make the day-to-day decisions on behalf of everyone.Here are four reasons why you should appoint a strata committee:

  1. A strata committee is a legislative requirement
  2. Managing a strata property requires expertise
  3. A strata committee must act responsibly
  4. A strata committee will allocate time to managing the property and be dedicated to its improvement

A strata committee is a legislative requirement

Legislation requires that most strata properties must have a strata committee elected by the owners corporation at an annual general meeting (AGM).

There are exceptions to this, which vary between states. In Queensland, body corporate properties require a committee, except for some two-lot body corporate properties. In Victoria, it is not mandatory to have a committee if the property has fewer than 13 lots. In New South Wales, all strata properties require a strata committee.

The strata committee is responsible for the running of a property and should do so in an ethical and professional manner, in line with the law. It can make certain decisions on behalf of the property owners and is accountable to the owners corporation (or body corporate).

Managing a strata property requires expertise

Governance, people and project management is not everyone’s expertise. To effectively manage a strata property, you need to engage with industry professionals such as tradespeople, building inspectors, insurance providers, government agencies, and council members. This requires strong people and project management skills.

If you have relevant skills that complement the skills of others standing as strata committee members, you could play an invaluable role in keeping your strata property in great condition.

A strata committee must act responsibly

A strata committee can help your property by making property administration and management decisions on your behalf.

They may hold more frequent meetings, make sure the by-laws and rules are in place and available to all owners and residents, and ensure decorum is maintained.

Being in a position of responsibility and authority also gives the committee a wider perspective to mediate disagreements and resolve disputes between the property owners.

4. A strata committee will allocate time to managing the property and be dedicated to its improvement

The day-to-day running of common property requires a great deal of focus and expertise. Certain tasks are run-of-the-mill everyday jobs such as the cleaning of common areas like hallways and staircases, washing of external windows, pool clean-up, and so on. Other tasks such as the maintenance of elevators, repairs to electrical and plumbing equipment, tiling and roofing tend to be less frequent but just as important in terms of regularity and timeliness. When you have a dedicated committee overseeing these tasks, the job gets done quicker and better.

When you’re busy taking care of your own property, it may be hard for you to focus on matters outside of your own walls at the same time. So, when there are people you can rely on to take care of common property matters on your behalf, you can make better use of your time. With community living becoming more popular and legislative changes affecting the industry, even the best committees need additional help and counsel. A strata manager can assist in making your committee’s work easy and enhance community living for you.Having set up the very first strata scheme in Australia back in 1948, we’ve come a long way in our knowledge and experience across a variety of property types. Whether you are new to strata management or an active committee member, we have developed an extensive library of resources to assist you. Click here to download our FREE Community Living guide on committee management. For a consultation to review your current by-laws with the Kemps Petersons Legal team, click here. To find out more about the services we offer, click here for a free strata assessment.