Strata spotlight

We love to hear the stories of our strata professionals – why they chose strata, and where they see the future of this fast growing and evolving industry. Our strata professionals are experts in their field, and have a diverse range of professional backgrounds and skills. Here’s an insight into their world.

Strata Spotlight - Maria Maire

PICA Group’s industry veteran

Maria Maire Senior Strata Manager, Somerville Strata Management.

Maria Maire is NSW longest serving strata manager. Starting her career in strata straight out of business school, the industry veteran has spent just over four decades managing buildings throughout the inner west and eastern suburbs of Sydney.


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Strata Spotlight - Jason Triplett

From hairdresser to business development manager

Jason Triplett, Business Development Manager.

After a successful career in hairdressing, Jason decided it was time for a change. Since joining PICA Group in 2007 as a strata manager, Jason quickly discovered his knack for delivering exceptional customer service. This skill has seen him rise through the ranks, and now is a part of our Queensland business development team.

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Strata Spotlight - William Marquand

From journalist to strata manager

William Marquand, Strata Manager, New South Wales Strata Management.

After working as a journalist for a number of years, William decided to change career paths and become a strata manager. William joined the PICA Group in 2015 and now uses his exceptional communication skills to assist committees manage negotiations, disputes and a range of complex issues.

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Strata Spotlight - Chris Moran

From banker to branch manager of a leading strata management branch in New South Wales

Chris Moran, Branch Manager, GK Strata Management.

Chris is a licensed strata manager who joined PICA Group in June 2018 after spending almost two decades in the banking industry. Chris has managed large strata schemes with up to 370 lots, including complex sites with mixed uses containing multiple buildings and building management committees.

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