What sets us apart


By maintaining the properties and investments of our customers, we aim to enhance community living for the better and create a sustainable future

As one of the largest property services companies in Australia, we believe our staff are more than just strata, facilities and receivables management professionals. By looking after the buildings and properties of thousands of customers across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, we continually look to create ideas, standards and systems that make a difference to the lives of our customers and communities. 

We offer:

  • Access to our in-house team of specialists for trade compliance, insurance, data management and technology
  • Repairs and maintenance quality guaranteed through our extensive database of certified contractors and suppliers
  • Additional back-office support provided by the PICA Group administration team
  • Preferential banking rates and on selected products and services to gain maximum cost benefits
  • Continuous investment into the professional training and development of staff
  • Major investment into new technology to transform operational delivery and improve efficiencies
  • Up-to-date industry information through our customer newsletter and other direct communications.

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