What sets us apart

By maintaining the properties and investments of our customers, we aim to enhance community living for the better and create a sustainable future

As one of the largest property services companies in Australia, we believe our staff are more than just strata, facilities and receivables management professionals. By looking after the buildings and properties of thousands of customers across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, we continually look to create ideas, standards and systems that make a difference to the lives of our customers and communities.

  • A leading expert in strata management: We have more than 60 years’ experience, including being the owner of the first strata scheme registered in the world
  • Qualified and professional staff: Our strata managers are some of the best in the industry. To ensure that doesn’t change, we offer continuous investment into the professional training and development, including an industry accredited strata management internship for market entrants
  • 24/7 repairs and maintenance quality guaranteed: Enjoy peace of mind that you will receive quality workmanship with more than 50,000 certified contractors and suppliers on our database. Plus, in time of emergencies, no matter the time of day, customers have access to our Community After Hours team
  • In-house team of specialists: We offer expert guidance on building compliance, insurance, debt recovery, data management, technology and sustainability
  • Exclusive customer benefits and preferential rates: Using our strength and size of business, we offer highly competitive discounts on banking rates, energy deals, property services and more. Through CommunitySure we offer the best in market insurance for your strata scheme
  • Flexible and convenient online experience: With a major investment of more than $26 million dollars into new technology, we are able to deliver superior operational delivery and efficiencies
  • Industry leading debt recovery services: Under Kemps Petersons, as Australia’s largest specialist strata debt recovery agency for more than 70 years, they have consistently collected 85% of debts without having to initiate court action
  • Up-to-date industry information: With some of Australia’s leading strata experts as part of our team and as members of key industry bodies, we ensure our customers are kept up-to-date with relevant and important updates through our customer newsletter and other direct communications.

With this unique mix of solutions, we aim to maximise your return on investment, protect your investment, and ensure being a property owner is stress-free. Also, through an extensive local branch network, no matter where are you located or your property type, we have the expertise and years of knowledge to serve your strata committee, your property owners and tenants, and to make a real difference by enhancing community living.

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