Community After Hours


Community After Hours offers around-the-clock emergency repair assistance and service to all of its customers. With trained staff handling all emergency repair calls, we can ensure Community Select registered contractors are engaged on call-outs and can therefore deliver greatly-improved tracking of their works.

This service reduces costs to our clients by waiving call fees, as our trained staff can offer temporary remedial advice for some problems, thus avoiding the need for an after-hours contractor fee. Many of our committees have made significant savings by being able to defer works to daytime contractors – in fact, for over half the calls we receive, we are able to mitigate the need for after-hours contractors to attend a site.

Call Community After Hours on 1300 652 337, 5pm – 8.30am Monday to Friday and 24 hours-a-day on weekends and public holidays. Alternatively, you can call (02) 8216 0348

Benefits of using Community After Hours:

  • Hours of operation: 5.00pm – 8.30am Monday to Friday
  • 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays
  • A free-to-call service for common property issues
  • Potential call-out cost savings where Community After Hours emergency staff are able to advise on temporary measures to rectify issues until standard working hours
  • Community After Hours emergency staff have access to all of your property details, and are generally able to identify if there are already works being undertaken, thus preventing unnecessary after-hours call-outs
  • Greater capacity for your strata manager to track service works on buildings and identify recurring maintenance issues that can be proactively addressed and prevent unnecessary, future call-outs
  • Increased ability to ensure minimum standards of service delivery in regard to response times from contractors, charges, etc. through exclusive use of Community Select registered contractors
  • Improved committee access to updates regarding after-hours contractor call-outs
  • Improved tracking of any works done, including work orders and invoicing.

Any work carried out on common property by contractors assigned by the Community After Hours staff is invoiced directly to the relevant scheme.

For any feedback or questions about this service, please email or talk to your manager directly.