Our culture & way of working

Why join PICA Group? 

A good work environment starts with a professional and positive work environment for its employees, and it’s no different at PICA Group.

To achieve this, we promote diversity through not only in race or gender, but also skill sets, business approach and personality too. This combination makes for a workplace where innovation and decision making are promoted on a wide spectrum of fresh ideas and approaches.

In addition, you can enjoy a competitive base salary, rewards, career support, access to training programs, and flexible working arrangements through our PICA Perks program. Putting work aside, we love celebrating birthdays and believe no one should have to work on their birthday. So in addition to the above mentioned benefits, you also enjoy a paid day off to celebrate you!

Strata manager qualities we are in search of

Being part of a fast-growing industry means that there is always opportunities in our business.  Whether you have strata management experience or not, here’s the qualities we are in search of. If you’re a good match, we look forward to hearing from you!

What we value the most

  • Say it straight – We are honest and compassionate in our communication with each other and we are not afraid to admit our mistakes
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood – We listen first, ask questions and put ourselves in the shoes of others prior to making decisions
  • Be the solution you seek – We are the solution seekers and ground breakers and we seek out better ways of achieving results;
  • Relationships matter – We build strong relationships based on trust and we focus on our reputation;
  • In it together – We are the connectors, networkers, learners and team players who make the PICA Group a great place to work