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  • Property Services, Strata and Property Management
    Strata management
    Partner with Australia’s number one strata management business.
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    Facilities management
    Our facilities management team has an exceptional record of exceeding industry standards.

  • Debt recovery & legal services
    Customers say that Kemps Peterson offers one of the highest service levels for receivables management in the country.

  • Property developer services
    Managing more than 200,000 properties means that you can rely on our expertise to help developers customise solutions.

As a market leader with more than 200,000 lots under strata management, the PICA Group plays a significant role in the local property landscape by delivering a full range of services across a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed use.

We’re “big enough” to use our strength and size of business to offer security and protection for your most important asset, exclusive benefits and value-add services, and “small enough” to offer direct and personalised services through our local branch network and staff who live and work in the local area.

To best service our local communities, we have a number of subsidiary companies across geographical locations.

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