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Partner with PICA Group
A leading property services company

  • Property Services, Strata and Property Management Strata management

    Partner with Australia’s number one strata management business.

  • facilities-mgmt-icon Facilities management

    Our facilities management team has an exceptional record of exceeding industry standards.

  • Receivables management

    Customers say that Kemps Peterson offers one of the highest service levels for receivables management in the country.

  • Property developer services

    Managing more than 220,000 properties means that you can rely on our expertise to help developers customise solutions.

As a market leader with more than 220,000 lots under strata management, the PICA Group plays a significant role in the local property landscape by delivering a full range of services across a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed use.

To best service our local communities, we have a number of subsidiary companies across geographical locations.

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