Who does what in the strata committee?

Who does what on the strata committee?

The office-bearing positions of a strata committee are the chairperson, secretary and treasurer. But who does what? Let’s find out

Your owners corporation or body corporate doesn’t run itself. At every annual general meeting (AGM), a strata committee is elected to represent the body of owners in matters relating to common property, and to maintain the day-to-day running of the scheme.

Once the owners corporation elects the committee, it decides who is to hold the office-bearing positions of chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Find out more about these roles below:


The chairperson ensures the smooth running of meetings and determines issues relating to voting and procedure. They do not have a deciding vote.

Recommended qualities for your strata committee’s chairperson:

  • Natural leader – this should come as no surprise as the chairperson will need to steer people during meetings when discussions go off-topic or settle things down when debates get a little heated
  • Engaging – although meetings are held to discuss important topics that can affect many of the residents in your strata property, you may find—sometimes—that people tend to doze off. Having an engaging chairperson helps keep people focused and actively participating during meetings. This is especially important when big decisions are being made that can affect lot owners and residents
  • Diplomatic – one of the most common reasons for complaints and grief in strata properties is lot owners or residents feeling like they are not being treated fairly. Having a diplomatic chairperson who ensures everyone is heard and makes decisions that ensures compromise and fairness can go a long way in enhancing community living.


The secretary calls and advises owners of upcoming meetings, prepares and distributes the minutes of meetings, maintains the attendance list, and attends to administrative or secretarial matters.

Recommended qualities for your strata committee’s secretary:

  • Organised – having an organised secretary on your strata committee who can properly and efficiently file, label, and store information ensures that documents can be easily found and quickly referred to if required in future
  • Punctual – since the secretary’s responsibilities include taking minutes during meetings as well as attending to administrative/secretarial matters, being able to show up/deliver on time is a vital quality
  • Efficient – with all the requests coming through, it is important to have a secretary who can work efficiently; being able to prioritise matters based on urgency and importance. The level of efficiency your secretary has can greatly help the management of your strata committee and strata property.


The treasurer prepares budgets, manages funds, and sends levy/fee notices to owners. They also ensure financial health by providing regular and annual reports of income and expenses.

Recommended qualities for your strata committee’s treasurer:

  • Trustworthy – as the treasurer will be handling and managing funds and levy/fee notices, you will want someone who can be trusted in doing what’s right and most fair for residents of the strata property
  • Mathematical – someone who is able to handle a lot of numbers and calculations will be essential for the role of a strata committee treasurer
  • Organised – with all the budgets, funds, and levy/fee notices things can spiral out of control and get very messy quite easily. Having an organised treasurer who knows how to properly file these documents will save a lot of time, effort, and stress should you need to refer back to them in future.
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Have you got what it takes to represent your owners corporation or body corporate? If you’re finding it difficult to fill your strata committee’s office-bearing positions, make running an owners corporation or body corporate easy by authorising your strata manager to carry out the role of the chairperson, secretary and/or treasurer.

If you’d like to find out more on the role of a strata committee, click here to download your free Community Living guide. Or click here to ask a question at StrataFAQ.com.au.

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