Technology for property owners

Access property services through a world class online self-service platform

The PICA Group, Australia’s largest strata management company, has entered into partnership with Limited (Urbanise) to deliver an all new innovative technology solution taking strata and building management services into the future.

At its core, the platform is a sophisticated accounting and administration system for managing buildings and multiple communities. Using cutting-edge cloud technology it will enable property owners across Australia to enjoy the efficiencies and responsiveness that comes with being able to access building information anytime and from anywhere via a customised and secure community portal. It also promises to deliver a competitive edge against any other strata management technology solution by providing a superior customer experience through the agility and breadth of functionality, customisable tools and reporting, and flexibility of access and usage, while knowing that the strictest measures have been put in place to ensure the highest level of security and data protection.


Who is this service available for & what are the key benefits?

It’s for all property owners living in strata managed buildings. So not only will this service be available to the PICA Group customers, but also to the whole strata management industry.

Some of the key benefits to look forward to are:

  • Personalise your own community portal for your building
  • Varied access levels for owners, tenants, committee members, building managers
  • Improved accuracy with real-time property information
  • Access to historic and current information
  • View statements and pay levies online
  • Optimised visual interface for PC, Mac, and mobile
  • Repairs and maintenance work-order tracking
  • Determine services based on your need and budget


Download the Technology for Property Owners Brochure

Find out more about how PICA Group’s partnership with Urbanise can benefit you, who the service is available for, and when this service will be launched.

Technology for Property Owners Brochure

See how the PICA Group & Urbanise partnership can benefit customers