Protect yourself from the unexpected


Like maintenance, there are some things that need to be insured by the body corporate, while others are your own responsibility. Here’s a list of what your body corporate is responsible for insuring:

  • Common property and assets such as plant and equipment, fences, etc. for their full replacement value.
  • The cost of reinstatement or replacement of insured buildings, such as the cost of taking away debris or the cost of hiring an architect.
  • Public risk insurance for at least $20 million for a single event.

Your body corporate may consider additional insurance coverage that’s not compulsory, such as:

  • Office bearers’ liability for committee members.
  • Fidelity guarantee against misuse of funds.
  • Machinery breakdown insurance.
  • Voluntary workers insurance to cover those doing work for the body corporate without pay.
  • Building catastrophe for events like cyclones, bushfires, etc.

Your responsibilities

You need to let the body corporate know if you improve your lot or the common property because the insurance premium is likely to increase either because your lot is now higher-value than other lots or because you’ve improved the common property for your own benefit.

If you don’t let the body corporate know, the complex may be underinsured. If this happens and you need to make a claim, you’ll be liable for the shortfall, so it makes sense to inform the body corporate and ensure your insurance policy is up to date.

You’re also responsible for your own contents insurance to cover items like carpets, curtains, light fittings, general possessions, and air conditioning equipment.

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