Core service offering

PICA Group core service offering

PICA Group offers a range of property services including strata management, facilities management, and receivables management. Each business area has its own unique strengths, and provides personalised services across a network of 30 branches in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Strata management 

Trust your property with Australia’s number one strata management business

Our strata management professionals help manage and coordinate the administrative operations, financial control, and maintenance of properties, providing expert guidance to the committee and owners.

With our depth of expertise, range of skills, and the support of a national network, PICA Group is one of the largest and most experienced strata management providers in the country.

We deliver strata management services for more than 220,000 property owners, ensuring each property is being managed to the highest standards, so that your investment is protected to retain long-term value.

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Facilities management

Our hands-on facilities management team has an exceptional record of exceeding industry standards

Our team of passionate and dedicated facilities managers take care of the operational management of residential and commercial properties. They will oversee the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your property to ensure it is running in the most efficient way possible.

Rather than taking a reactive approach, we put a proactive maintenance schedule in place, regularly monitoring and auditing functions such as lifts, lighting and fire control systems.

Our team of experts know and understand the regulatory compliance requirements for each property, making sure owners are up-to-date at all times. We provide peace-of-mind at all hours of the day with our 24/7 after-hours support.

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Receivables management

As a leading debt recovery specialist for the strata industry, our promise to you is that if no money is collected, then no commission is paid to us

Through Kemps Petersons and Kemps Petersons Legal, we draw upon a rich professional history in all aspects of receivables management, including debt recovery, litigation, credit management, field agent services, and credit reporting.

We have a team of in-house experts and external partners in commercial law and insolvency who include barristers, mediators, and litigators, locally and throughout Australia, providing you with the best legal advice at all times. For more than 70 years, we have consistently collected 85% of debts without having to initiate court action. Kemps Peterson is an authorised supplier of Procurement Australia.

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