Love your neighbour – learn how to resolve your strata differences

resolve your strata differences

Valentine’s Day is here! It’s the ideal day to spread the love, bond with your neighbours and resolve any differences you may have with other owners in your strata property.

In strata properties, there may be some frictions and disagreements between owners and residents from time to time. Well, it’s that time of the year when love is in the air! So, how about making nice with your strata neighbours and spreading the love this Valentine’s Day?

Here are a few tips on how to resolve any strata property differences you may have with other owners:

Get on the same page

strata conflict resolution

When you’re facing problems with common property such as communal gardens, pools, gym, elevators, etc. and feeling the pain, chances are, your neighbours are too. Comparing notes can help you see the bigger picture, things you may have missed but your neighbour has probably discovered. Also, perhaps your neighbour may have already communicated the issue to your committee and a solution may be in process, so putting your heads together could save you the trouble from doing so again.

PICA Group note: Did you know that if majority of the owners think that certain strata by-laws are not effective, the by-laws can be changed by the committee at the AGMs? Yes, that’s true. You can download our free e-book about changing your strata by-laws.

Get by-laws drafted to handle outsider trouble 

by-laws drafted to handle outsider trouble 

Consider this – visitors of other residents may unknowingly park in your spot or in your building’s fire exit, but its inconvenient all the same. Of late, short-term guests and Airbnb-type vacation letting practices have been drawing lot of flak from owners within strata properties, primarily for the reasons of security and accountability.

When there are new people on the property, they may not know or follow the rules the same way residents would. In such cases, owners can get together to establish the terms and conditions in by-laws and ensure everyone is in agreement as to what could become a problem for others.

PICA Group note: When you have guests over, give them an intro tour of your property and list out clear do’s and don’ts so they are aware of your property by-laws. Check out this interesting guide that has great pointers on hosting and managing Airbnb type stays on your property.

Get your disputes sorted amiably

strata disputes sorted amiably

Any number of situations may disturb the peace of strata property owners and residents. If your neighbours are constantly throwing noisy parties, if the smoke from their apartment is getting into yours, or if their pets are damaging common property, how do you ensure they get the message while you still maintain a cordial relationship?

Often, it all boils down to having good, open communication. If that doesn’t work, the strata committee can always mediate matters on your behalf and have by-laws to help create harmony.


Throw a strata party and get to know your neighbours!

Throw a strata party

Committee meetings are nice and all, but nothing works better for bonding than a friendly, neighbourhood get-together over a barbeque. You can chat up with your neighbours and make new friends.

Strata living is all about sharing, caring and having consideration for your neighbours, so everyone makes the most of their strata property and enjoys a peaceful community living. So, make this valentine’s day about spreading the love beyond your home.

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