Increase your apartment’s value with connection to the NBN

Apartment owners are being encouraged to ensure their buildings are registered with a new database established by Strata Community Australia (SCA) specifically to capture details for connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

PICA Group CEO, Greg Haywood said that in the first initiative of its kind, SCA and NBN Co had joined forces to ensure that strata buildings don’t miss out on NBN connection as it’s rolled out in their suburbs and towns.

“Working out who the contact is for an apartment block is not always an easy task to undertake. Both SCA and NBN Co have recognised this and taken steps to ensure apartments are not by-passed,” Mr Haywood said.

“In the past, Governments have put apartments in the too hard basket and many people have missed out on funding and initiatives. The solar panel rebates are one example where whole apartment blocks that wanted to install solar panels and take advantage of the rebate were excluded as a result of a lack of understanding by government of community living.”

Making contact with owners corporations or their authorised representatives can be difficult as these positions regularly turn over. Recognising this lead to the initiative which sees SCA and NBN Co running a pilot program where every six to eight weeks a list of places that the NBN is coming to is released. Through the SCA website, owners corporations or their authorised representatives log on and register their details so the NBN can contact them and start the free installation process.

“PICA Group and its subsidiary strata companies are working with SCA to provide contact details as each new list of addresses is released. We want to ensure that our owners are given every opportunity to access the NBN,” Mr Haywood explained.

“We understand that having the best internet connection adds value to each apartment in the building and we want our owners to benefit from this. As it’s rolled out its free but if NBN Co has to come back because they couldn’t contact the owners corporation then charges will apply, which we don’t want for our owners.

“We now challenge other strata managers to do the same for their owners corporations so that the entire strata community can benefit from this evolution in technology.”


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