Common property inspections checklist

Common property inspections checklist


For buildings with more than 100 lots, every year the strata committee or body corporate must inspect their common property and review the maintenance plan. This helps to form an idea of a plan and a budget for the next year. The findings are to be presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the AGM, the strata committee or body corporate must report on:

  • maintenance plan
  • budget
  • proposed contributions to the maintenance fund

If specialised help is required for certain elements of the maintenance plan, the cost of this professional advice should come from the capital works budget and may include the cost of:

  • inspections
  • risk assessment
  • maintenance fund forecast
  • capital works
  • budgeting

Before any work is done on the property, conducting a survey about repairs and maintenance issues can help:

  • Identify problems affecting residents
  • Provide any extra information about the building
  • Understand the effectiveness of by-laws and if there need to be any changes
  • Show that the owner’s corporation is carrying out duties, functions and powers to the best of their ability
  • Encourage communication between the strata committee or body corporate and the residents
  • Build awareness of legal requirements and any potential legal issues
  • Clarify issues that may be unclear to residents and new owners

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