Strata property matters

When do you need a compulsory strata manager?

If your owners corporation has been unable to live up to the task or needs help with technical matters, it’s time …

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5 safety checks for a child-friendly strata living

Child-safety is the first thing on every parent’s mind. Here are the top action items that should be on your safety …

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Storm damage or flood damage? The difference may impact your body corporate insurance

While the finer nuances around “storm damage” and “flood damage” are being debated between insurance providers and the body corporate community, …

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Overcrowding in strata properties – when more is not merry

As more people choose strata or body corporate living in cities, overcrowding is a growing concern. Let’s explore why it’s an …

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Playing by the rules vs. breaching by-laws

Strata community living should be about sharing, caring and playing nice, but breaching by-laws
can disrupt the harmony
and create problems for everyone.

Your …

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