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COVID-19 and moving forward: best practice actions for committees and owners

With the federal government producing a roadmap for a COVID-safe Australia and with most states starting to see an easing of …

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Managing building works during COVID-19 feature image

COVID-19: managing building works during a health crisis

Many committees may be wondering whether to continue with scheduled building works during COVID-19, or to restrict contractors on-site to minimise …

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Waste disposal CORVID-19 feature image

COVID-19: waste disposal for apartment living

Scientists have determined that the coronavirus can remain on surfaces such as plastic, cardboard, and steel for some time*. We recommend …

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COVID-19: managing community living and working from home

With strata properties and homes being turned into temporary workplaces, here are some important things to consider for yourself and those …

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COVID-19: managing mental health in community living

Australians are known for looking after people who might be doing it tough. It’s no different in our current circumstance as …

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small city australia living

Is small city living in Australia for you?

Small city Australia living: life in smaller cities like Newcastle, Cairns, or Hobart is undeniably attractive for many Australians.
In a country …

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bushfiers and apartments feature image

Strata buildings and bushfires: how to stay safe

Stay safe in strata buildings and apartments from the fires in Australia.

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What are the rules about pets in strata apartments?

Bringing your furry friend home for the first time is a great experience, but if you are going to rent or …

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Simple ways to reduce noise pollution in your apartment

How to reduce some of the annoying noises that come with apartment living. 
Chronic exposure to noise pollution – the ambient sounds …

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Fires: How owners of strata properties can help

Fires continue to burn across Australia. How can I help? 
Over 3,700,000 hectares of Australia have burned during the 2019-2020 bushfires. While …

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