Legislation & Compliance

Victoria takes the lead in the cladding saga, and what others are doing

Finding it hard to keep up with changes to combat the cladding crisis? Here’s what is happening across Australia.

It’s been over …

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New NSW strata laws on the horizon

By Dr. Adrian Carr (Corporate Licensee-In-Charge, PICA Group) 

The strata community and building industry are on the cusp of legislative change. Let’s …

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6 strata trends to watch out for after NSW elections

The results from the New South Wales elections will determine
how the various impending legislative changes stand to affect the strata

According to …

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NSW Government’s stance on the Opal Tower incident – the story so far

The Opal Tower incident has revealed several cracks in the system from insufficient government regulations to compliance issues within the building …

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Severity of defects and age of your building can sway your strata insurance

Defects are common in both new and existing builds. However, the nature and severity of building defects can vary greatly with …

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How insurers evaluate building defects and what impacts your insurance costs

In this article, we have collaborated with CHU to gather insights on how building defects can impact the insurance costs and …

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The tug of war between building defects and strata insurance

The type and cost of insurance cover of your building is directly related to what kind of defects your building may …

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Why combustible cladding is a hot mess and why you should care

Cladding materials can cause building fires and put lives at risk. This has led state governments to ban the use of …

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The Opal Tower story – how it has shaken the building and construction industry

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of what happened at the Opal Tower, what it means for the various players within …

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Lessons from Opal Tower: What property owners in Queensland and Victoria should know

Compliance and safety is a huge issue within the building and construction industry, with country-wide implications. So, there is much debate …

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