Building Rules & By-laws

Overcrowding in strata properties – when more is not merry

As more people choose strata or body corporate living in cities, overcrowding is a growing concern. Let’s explore why it’s an …

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Playing by the rules vs. breaching by-laws

Strata community living should be about sharing, caring and playing nice, but breaching by-laws
can disrupt the harmony
and create problems for everyone.

Your …

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How to deal with 6 common strata problems

When it comes to community living and sharing space, how you get along
with your neighbours can affect the peace of your …

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Breaching strata by-laws on laundry can leave you high and dry

Being aware of by-laws
and playing by the rules that govern the sharing of space and amenities can
make all the difference to …

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How to deal with bullying in your strata property

Neighbour disagreements tend to be a part of strata living. However, bullying and intimidatory behaviour by an owner, resident, guest, committee …

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