5 steps to increase the value of your property with a NABERS rating

With the increased awareness around the challenges of managing climate change and improving sustainability, there is an increasing responsibility to make their buildings more environment friendly.


Based on the energy and water efficiency of a building’s common property, NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) for Apartment Buildings grants a rating using a six-star scale.  So, whether you own a commercial or residential building in Australia, a high NABERS rating could increase the value of your property manifold, while making a positive impact on our environment.  You can attract the right tenants and increase your rental income. It also reduces vacancy rates and your overall operational costs while getting you better insurance deals.

Here are 5 steps you can take to achieve a high NABERS rating:


1. Reduce waste, be energy-efficient

Always aim to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. That goes for all the resources your buildings use, be it electricity, water, or gas. Reducing the wastage of paper can save hundreds of trees, tons of water and chemicals used in their production.


You can partner with providers who have sustainability as a focus. PICA Group has committed projects such as NABERS to ensure that the buildings we manage are as green and energy efficient as possible.


2. Maintain a green cover around your building

Planting trees and maintaining lawns around your building not only enhances its aesthetics, but also increases fresh air and reduces pollution. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint, minimize emissions and achieves a cleaner ambience for a healthier living. Also, make sure the landscape around your building incorporates all the safety measures while constructing pools and gardens.


3. Use only safe building material

The architectural elements, construction materials and maintenance systems in your building are extremely important since it’s not very easy to change fundamental aspects of the building once it has been constructed. From the offset, follow government regulations and use only safe construction materials.

For example, recent legislation across the states of NSW, Victoria and Queensland warrant that the cladding material used in your building should not be flammable. Check for any Aluminum composite panels (ACP) or similar metal panels such as zinc or copper being used in your building and get them replaced immediately.


4. Maintain the look, feel and functionality of your building

Often shared spaces and large apartment complexes mandate that buildings always look and work well. This means the elevators are working right, the lawns are always tended, corridors and hallways are clean, parking spaces are maintained and so on. Committees and body corporates tend to take that headache away from property owners. As an owner, it’s always in your best interests to stay on top of things by getting involved with your strata committee.

With PICA Group, our professionals help to ensure your property meets the criteria with respect to government rules and regulations, changing legislation, and need of the hour.


5. Sign up for regular audits to assess your status

For a property to be eligible to participate in a NABERS for Apartment Buildings assessment, it must be a registered strata plan and contain multiple apartments. These apartments should have been lived in for a period of time to qualify for the assessment.

For us at PICA group, building compliance and sustainability go hand in hand. To get more details of how we can help you get your building assessed, click on the link for helpful information about qualifications and assessment criteria to get you started.

You can connect with your one of our qualified assessors to learn more about the benefits and impact of having a high NABERS rating on your property. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about trends and how you can make the most of your starta property.