Tips for hosting apartment parties

Whether it be celebrating a birthday, an engagement or just catching up with friends, everyone loves a good party. With 1 in 10 Australians calling an apartment home, hosting a party in close proximity to your neighbours is a challenge for many.

Here are our tips on hosting a party in an apartment:


1. Check your by-laws

Each strata scheme has a unique set of by-laws that govern the residence. Pay key attention to by-laws regarding visitor parking, maximum occupancy, smoking, pets and garbage areas. By-laws may also contain information about how often and how long you can use common areas and facilities. It may be necessary to inform guests of certain rules prior to their arrival and think of some solutions to ensure that both neighbours and guests are kept happy.

2. Keep the neighbours happy

Nobody wants a disgruntled neighbour to spoil the fun and ask you to “keep it down” midway through your favourite song. By informing your fellow building compatriots of the party, they will be aware of any potential disruption or extra noise. Extending an invite may also be a good opportunity to get to know your neighbours. If there is a dedicated entertaining area in your building or complex it may be worth taking advantage of these facilities, moving the noise and possible disruption away from the heavily residential part of your building.

 3. Make the most of your [safe] space

Create the illusion of space by using all possible rooms and balconies in your apartment or by rearranging the furniture. In doing so, your party will be less cramped thus reducing the risk of breakages. However, you will need to consider the risks associated with each area in use, especially if there are children present. Ensuring that child locks are attached to windows and emergency exit paths are accessible, are pivotal to keeping your guests safe and preventing accidents.

Strata note: For more information on window safety and NSW strata regulations, download a copy of PICA Groups Essential Guide to NSW Strata Legislation HERE.

4. Follow the campfire rule

The old saying “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints” best summarizes how a common area should be left after use- except the footprints should definitely be imaginary (or mopped up). To save time, clean as you go and have all of the necessary cleaning equipment and products ready at the start of the party. Having garbage bins placed throughout the area during festivities will help avoid a shock mess at the end. If furniture is moved around it needs to be put back to its prior position. Likewise if a common BBQ is used it will need to be cleaned.

Strata note: : If you have lots of garbage and items for removal after a party, you may need to consider contacting the Council for a pick up rather than use the common property bins.

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