Making strata living simpler, better, faster

As the biggest strata management company in Australia, we see much potential in the industry and hope to play a significant role in driving positive change. We recognise that change starts ‘at home’, and so we thank all our customers who take the time each year to provide us feedback via our annual customer survey.  We achieved an improved customer satisfaction score in 2016, and will continue to work hard to close any service gaps you have identified.



Based on your feedback over recent years, we have made the most significant technology investment ever made in the strata industry to address your main pain points: communication, responsiveness, repairs and maintenance work order tracking, and administration management.


Change 1: New technology to redefine your customer experience

We’re building a sophisticated self-service platform that will enable our customers to easily access real-time data and information specific to your scheme at any time, regardless of where you are via a customised, secure community portal – enabling you to stay informed and up-to-date with matters of your scheme.

Not only will you have access to historic and current scheme information at your fingertips, you’ll also be able to view statements and pay levies online, track repairs and maintenance works orders, and use customisable tools to determine services based on your needs and budget.

This is the first of its kind in the strata industry, and a world-class online platformThe technology will also empower you, enabling us to focus on your needs and requirements, and provide value-add services. Coming soon in 2018.



Change 2: Administrative processes will be streamlined

We’ve recently integrated our centralised administration team with strata operations to ensure better quality control and management of documentation relating to your scheme. We’re also in the process of upgrading our electronic document management system to a cloud-based system, so you can reap the benefits of secure, easily-stored and accessible information when you want it.


Change 3: Strata managers will work differently  

In time, with smart technology it will help to relieve the administrative workload from our strata managers.  You’ll find your strata manager will have more time to focus on you, your building, and managing the vast number and array of relationships within your plan.

We’re also rolling out office mobility, which will see all strata managers equipped with the latest technology to facilitate remote access. That means easier access to your strata manager when you need them most, enabling them to deliver an improved service to you.


Be part of the conversation

We welcome you to partner with us in this journey, as we aim to take service delivery in the strata industry to a level that meets your expectations and beyond.

For our committee members, look out for our invite to the 2017 annual customer satisfaction survey, coming to you in early September!

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