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Industry insights: Design is key to savings

Design key to savings, published in the Leader Community Newspapers’ Building Blocks section. Read the full article: Sunbury Leader_23-05-2017_Main_Sunbury_p18

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For what it’s worth – owners corporation fees explained

‘Am I paying too much in owners corporation fees?’ With no two properties ever the same, this question is as hard …

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It’s easy to change strata management companies header

It’s easy to change strata management companies

If you’re not happy with how your property is being managed, it may be time to make the switch to a …

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Who’s who in the strata committee

Your owners corporation or body corporate doesn’t run itself. At every annual general meeting (AGM), a strata committee is elected to …

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What I’ve learnt working as a strata manager

By Claire Wilson at Dynamic Property Services
In my nine years as a strata manager, I’ve had my fair share of challenges, …

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