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Five of the most common owners corporation mistakes when self-managed

Many property owners don’t know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to living in an owners corporation or body corporate-managed …

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Tim Jarvis AM

PICA Group appoints environmental scientist in support of NSW government sustainability programs

The City of Sydney’s Smart Green Apartments program found that common areas make up 60% of an apartments total energy bill, …

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New limit on debt collection claim period

The District Court decision of Body Corporate for Mount Saint John Industrial Park CTS v Superior Stairs and Joinery Pty Ltd …

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Apartment living in Australia make up 10% of total emissions, hear from environmental leadership expert Tim Jarvis AM how you can make a difference

Not many people are aware of this, but strata management originated as an Australian innovation. The first scheme in New South …

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Tips for hosting apartment parties

Whether it be celebrating a birthday, an engagement or just catching up with friends, everyone loves a good party. With 1 …

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