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NSW legislation update

The need to professionalise the strata or building management through more flexibility, efficiencies, accountability and alignment with modern technology is finally …

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Six key NSW legislation changes that will be of greatest interest to the urban development industry

The biggest change in NSW strata legislation in 20 years explained

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Queensland investment option in the central precinct

A tenanted investment opportunity in the heart of the Caloundra CBD on the Sunshine Coast is being offered for sale…

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The PICA Group and Urbanise agreement increases

The PICA Group & Urbanise agreement increases due to revenue-sharing opportunities, now expected to be at least $21M – $26M over 10 …

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PICA Group MD and CEO talks about “Professionalising the strata industry…”

With the upcoming changes to the NSW strata legislation, PICA Group CEO talks about “Professionalising the strata industry and providing greater …

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