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We take NSW legislation changes seriously to ensure you’re protected

The PICA Group has been proactively responding to the changes to NSW legislation for two years in advance of it being …

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6 positive changes to NSW strata law that benefit owners

More than 90 changes to NSW strata legislation came into force on 30 November 2016. While the transition for owners corporations …

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5 misconceptions about strata managers

The most efficient strata schemes depend on the expertise of a strata manager to assist in the day-to-day management of their …

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Is this the end of short-term letting?

Fines for unauthorised Airbnb properties in NSW have jumped a staggering 500 per cent under new strata laws. What does this mean for short-term …

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New NSW strata laws increase fines for unauthorised Airbnb by 500%

Will short-term letting be something of the past?

Owners and tenants worried about the influx of short-term stays due to sites like …

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